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What is Beat Board?

Artistfuse has made the process of how Recording Artists, Bands and Record Labels search and find beats for their musical projects easier. By highlighting the most important factors used when searching for beats we were able to create a new and clever search and submission feature. Created with both the Recording Artist and Music Producer in mind introducing Beat Board a new feature that helps Recording Artist find beats for Mixtapes, Albums, Singles and more and that also helps Music Producers sell hundreds of beats and increase monthly sales. So no matter whether you're a Recording Artist or a Music Producer let "Artistfuse" be the spark behind you.

Recording Artist Benefits

1. No more spending hours on endless web searches for the perfect beat(s).

2. All producers receive a notification of your listing so you’re guaranteed to find beats.

3. Find beats for Mixtapes, Albums, Singles and more.

4. Complete beat purchases on Artistfuse.net so that you are protected by our buyer guarantee.

5. Artistfuse stores and maintain all submitted beats from producers and lets you stream them with our music player so you don’t ever have to worry about download files or download times.

Music Producer Benefits

1. 99% increase on monthly beat sales because producers can submit beats to as many listings on Beat Board as they wish.

2. No more freebies get paid instantly once a major or indie Recording Artist wants to use your beat.

3. Create a presence and grow your brand.

4. Create steady revenue streams.

5. No more waiting around for your beats to sell submit beats to every listing on Beat Board to increase your chances of making a sale.